Maple: The Taste of Spring!

New Brunswick is one of the world’s top maple syrup producers and we love celebrating the annual harvest.

The frosty nights and warm, sunny days of March and April coax our world-famous maple sap to run just in time for a traditional New Brunswick sugaring-off party at one of our local sugar shacks. Plan a visit this spring and you’ll find plenty of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth! 

Here are just a few of the authentic sugar bushes you can visit around the province.

Maple: The Taste of Spring!

  • 1. Sugar Bush - La Causerie

    Visit Sugar Bush - La Causerie, the perfect destination for those looking to enjoy tasty maple syrup treats, including delectable taffy-on-the-snow.

  • 2. Érablière unique

    Delight in the maple-y goodness of Érablière Unique. Sample maple sugar butter, caramel, and taffy- on-the-snow, or purchase one of the many maple products for sale.

  • 3. Sucrerie Bossé

    Learn how maple products are made on a guided tour, sample taffy-on-the-snow, or purchase maple products to enjoy at home. Sucrerie Bossé is your one-stop-shop for all things maple.

  • 4. Trites Family Sugar Bush

    Fill your boots with all-you-can-eat taffy and other delicious maple products at Trites Family Sugar Bush.

  • 5 Sucrerie La source de l'érable

    Tour the maple syrup operation, chow down on pancakes with maple syrup, or have maple-sugar-on-the-snow. A visit to Sucrerie La source de l’érable is sure to satisfy every maple lover’s cravings!

  • 6. Kings Landing Historical Settlement

    Sugar Bush Weekend features all kinds of family friendly activities plus the chance to sample traditional maple candy on a stick and maple-sugar-on-the-snow. Be sure to take home the famous King's Landing Historic Settlement maple syrup.

  • 7. Maple Capital of Atlantic Canada Festival

    The Maple Capital of Atlantic Canada Festival is a maple-palooza featuring maple products, guided tours, and tons of fun activities. Immerse yourself in New Brunswick’s strong maple tradition, while learning about modern maple harvesting and production.

  • 8. Riverview Annual Maple Sugar Festival

    Head to the Riverview Annual Maple Sugar Festival to celebrate all things maple. Tour a sugar camp, and savour delicious maple delights.

  • 9. S.K. Export

    Want to enjoy maple products at home? From the tree tap to your table, S.K. Export's succulent treats are sure to tickle the taste buds.

  • 10. Maple Recipes

    These maple syrup recipes from the New Brunswick Maple Syrup Association are sure to please every maple-lover’s palette.

  • 11. Maple Cream Ale

    What is the perfect accompaniment to maple culinary perfection? Maple Cream Ale from local craft beer favourite, Picaroons. Cheers!

  • 12. Farmers Markets

    Our Farmers Markets stock all sorts of maple goodies. Whether you’re looking for a sweet souvenir or the ingredients for a maple-themed feast, you’ll find everything you need right here.

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