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Pascal Lejeune
Acadian Bon Vivant

To get a real taste of Acadian culture, your best bet is to hang out with the locals, taste their food, have a drink with them, and listen to some live music. And it’s exactly that atmosphere that La Brôkerie Bistro Bar creates according to co-owner and musician Pascal Lejeune. “It’s like one big kitchen party. The door’s always open and no evening is ever the same.”

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“The recipe for a good time is a good beer, piano, guitar, mandolin, accordion, and a lot of people enjoying themselves with different kinds of music.”

An Invitation into Acadie

5 Tips to Getting a Real Taste of the Acadian Peninsula

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    Don’t be shy! Get out and mingle with the locals, grab a drink, and enjoy some live music from the stage of La Brôkerie. “We wanted a bar with a personality that’s a really welcoming place for people.”

  • Tips, Acadie, Tourism New Brunswick, Canada


    Grab an APA – an Acadian Pale Ale – called Lady Chaga. It’s made by Fils du Roy Distillery for La Brôkerie using a mushroom found locally in the forest. Inspired by the British IPA style, it’s a hoppy, bitter beer with a nutty finish.

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    Want a hidden gem that’s a foodie’s dream? Then head to the Homard Mobile, a food truck where all the ingredients and seafood are sourced locally. One thing not to miss? “Lobster poutine – it’s a classic.”

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    If you just can’t get enough of fresh seafood (and we do mean fresh) then check out La Terrasse à Steve, where you dine right on the wharf where the boats dock to unload their daily catch. Plus, you might get to see Fred, Steve’s “pet” blue heron.

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    Join the biggest party of the year – the Festival Acadien. People converge in Caraquet by the thousands to enjoy concerts, parties, and of course, the famous Tintamarre noisemaking party to celebrate National Acadian Day on August 15th.