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Lynn Albert
Lobster Connoisseur

When you visit Caraquet, a stop at Lynn’s Homard Mobile is a MUST. Hungry? Stock up on a rich and decadent order of lobster poutine, made with all-local ingredients. Besides delicious lobster poutine, chances are you’ll meet the Acadian people that Lynn says, if you’re open to it, will immediately make you feel like part of the family.

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I think when you wanna experience lobster … just go out and do whatever you want with it and taste it and enjoy it

Inside the delicious Homard Mobile

5 Tips on Seafood & More from the Homard Mobile

Tips, Food, Tourism New Brunswick, Canada


Try the lobster poutine. “La poutine is so good … it’s very rich, and with the local cheese, the squeaky cheese, and you have the lobster on top of it, it’s unreal,” says Lynn.


When you’re looking for places to eat in Caraquet, come hungry. “There’s a lot of traditional food in the area,” says Lynn. “In this little town we’re 4,000 people and we have an excellent sushi place, an excellent wine bar … we’re fortunate to have good food.”

Tips, Food, Tourism New Brunswick, Canada

Tips, Food, Tourism New Brunswick, Canada


Embrace local flavours. “The fries are from the next town. The cheese is made here at Les Blancs d’Arcadie and the sauce is made here so everything is local,” says Lynn.  


There are hidden gems everywhere. “I would say just come and try to find the hidden spot … and they’re everywhere,” says Lynn.

Tips, Food, Tourism New Brunswick, Canada

Tips, Food, Tourism New Brunswick, Canada


Be prepared for a warm welcome. “They should expect to feel like they’re at home. They would feel how everybody’s happy in New Brunswick and they’re generous of their time and themselves.”